There are many possibilities with helicopters. In addition to the benefits of time-efficiency and non-existent requirements of ground surface for setup, our experienced staff will ensure that your project runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. Turn with confidence to STORM Heliworks AB, which together with the Osterman Helicopter brand dates back to 1947.

  • Fast

  • Efficient

  • Safe

STORM Heliworks AB flies with modern, effective helicopters suitable for any purpose you may have. Together with Osterman Helicopter, the first helicopter company in Sweden, and one of the oldest in the world, STORM Heliworks AB has long and wide experience, which is another guarantee that you will be pleased.

Helicopters in different sizes and customized lifting gear allow us to tailor the mission to your specific needs. With helicopters stationed in Gothenburg, Malmö and Östersund, and parts of the year also in Åre and Funäsdalen, we cover a large part of Scandinavia and quickly reach most parts of Sweden.

Customer comments

"The whole lift process was so fast, I barely had time to take pictures" "The helicopter got all the objects in place instantly, which a crane would not have succeeded with" "Friendly, experienced and professional staff"